What is The Semenette® ?

60% of women and lesbian couples use novelty sexy toys in the love making process. Often, these women wish they had the ability to use a “device they could wear during intimate moments that safely and authentically mimics traditional ejaculation,” and now, with The Semenette®, that option is finally available. This product will change the way women make love, bringing intimacy and authenticity back into the bedroom. The Semenette® also makes it possible for women and lesbian couples to go beyond cold and lifeless turkey-basters and syringes with the ability to mimic traditional intercourse and the ejaculatory process in hopes of conceiving with love.

The Semenette® is a novelty sex toy with specifically designed inner tubing embedded inside with an attached pump intended for people to be able to mimic intercourse and ejaculation.  The Semenette® is unique because it offers the ability to replace the embedded plastic tubing with each use, eliminating sanitary concerns about mixing liquids you choose to put into the tube.  If you were unable to replace the embedded tubing, it could create issues with cleanliness and could create a toxic environment for anything that might be put into the tube and transferred into the body during use.  Like any novelty adult toy, there are guidelines to cleaning the toy.  The design of The Semenette® allows for the ultimate experience and for a superior environment to transfer liquids. 

For the Transgender Community:

The Semenette® is not just for lesbian couples or single women. It is also a great option for the transgender community, fitting into most any harness, allowing it to be worn by anyone at any time. It is designed for “dual-use,” making it an ideal “pack and play” dildo. The Semenette® can be packed comfortably in everyday situations and can also be used for penetrative sex; making it a great option for the transgender community – specifically, the FTM (female-to-male) community. Since The Semenette® is designed to mimic the traditional ejaculation process, it allows both partners to enjoy an intimate and authentic experience.