OUR FIRST POST!!! And a little about me…

Please allow me to formally introduce myself via blog to you all! I’m Stephanie Berman, owner of Berman Innovations, and inventor of The Semenette – now known as POPDildo. Some of you reading this may already be familiar with my product or story, but for those of you who are new, let me take a moment to share with you a little about my journey into the world of ejaculating dildos….


I don’t think many people can (or would) say they are going to, or went to college to, become an inventor of dildos. I went to school to become a music writer, but also discovered I was good at listening to people, and therefore was often told I should be a psychologist. Neither of those professions panned out for me, though – upon graduating, I was given the opportunity to work with my mom at the business she started – specializing in products for women’s reproductive health. Basically, her business sold products for all types of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, such as In-Vitro Fertilization and Artificial Insemination.


We were a business of helping couples make babies, and although it wasn’t my ultimate dream job, working with your family certainly had its perks – so I accepted the offer. 14 years later, I still work with my mom, helping couples achieve pregnancy with the various types of technologies and diagnostic tests available. That is what I like to call my “medical” background. Let me be clear, though, that I am NOT a doctor; I don’t have a medical degree, and I can’t deliver your baby.


However, I have 14 years of experience in talking to doctors, hospitals, and most importantly, to patients going through the many processes of trying to conceive. I’ve spent countless hours on the phone, as well as emailing back and forth with customers, about their conception journey; I like to think it has provided me with a wealth of knowledge about compassion, understanding, customer service, and sperm… yes, I said sperm. I know A LOT about sperm! I guess that’s why the nickname “Spermin’ Berman” is so appropriate and fitting for me. As many of you know, even my business card is in the shape of a sperm!


8 years ago, I got married to my wife, and shortly thereafter, we started talking about having a family. Since I was the “expert” in baby-making, I was feeling quite confident in my ability to get my wife pregnant…and then the realization hit home that we were not like most of the other couples I had previously dealt with. As a same-sex couple, the options for us to conceive were actually quite limited. Sure, we could have spent thousands of dollars and gone to a doctor’s office to undergo all of the methods of conception I was familiar with, but that really wasn’t what we had in mind.


I don’t knock anyone’s decisions or process in TTC (trying to conceive), and whatever direction they choose to do so is good in my book. But the journey is specific for each couple, and for my wife and I, we wanted something much more personal, intimate, and less expensive than TTC in a doctors’ office through IVF or similar clinical procedure.


The next issue we faced was that the options for TTC at home were even more limited. The only options were basically either a needle-less syringes or a turkey baster. Yup, a turkey baster! People actually do use them to try and get pregnant! Horrifying as it sounds (and it is, in my opinion), those were really the readily available options to us. So, we tried using those methods, and not surprisingly, hated them – It’s quite challenging to make your partner orgasm while a turkey baster is present! As both my wife and I were feeling discouraged and unsatisfied with the process, I decided there HAD to be something else that existed, so I did what all people do nowadays – hit the Internet. To my amazement, I came up totally empty handed. And that’s when the idea hit me – I would create something on my own. And sure as shit, I did!


The process to inventing a product is not for the faint of heart (unless you have boat loads of time and money to spare). It’s an arduous process that took a lot of persistence. Luckily, persistence is something I don’t lack, and I ended up inventing The Semenette, now known as POPDildo. And what is it, exactly? It’s a dildo with proprietary and patented technology, which allows the user to mimic an ejaculation in a safe and fun way. I like to think of it as the “modern day turkey-baster method” of conception.


As passionate as I am about my products, I think it’s important to share that I’m not here as a salesperson. Yes, I love my product and stand behind it 100%. How could I not? It’s responsible for helping my wife and I conceive BOTH of our children! So, naturally, I support my products and will be mentioning it on this blog. However, I want this to be a place where I can share my stories about things every person can relate to, and understand on some level. Whether it’s going through the process of finding a sperm donor, doing inseminations at home, or talking about poopy diapers, getting peed on, and trying to figure out how to keep the spark alive at home while doing so, and all topics in between, it’s my hope and goal to talk to you about it all. Nothing is off-limits, so if you have specific questions or topics for which you want to read my opinion and advice, please feel free to share them with me! I love hearing from you all, and look forward to sharing my stories and experiences with you.


Until next time, be happy, be well, and be inclusive. Love to all.


-Stephanie “Spermin” Berman